Starting Fresh.

I had an old pseudonym. I submitted a couple of manuscripts under that name that, to be honest, didn’t go anywhere. But, the more I submitted, the more I fantasized about that name and being successful, the more it just didn’t feel right. So. I’m starting over. New name, new manuscripts, new goals.

I’ve had a few people take a look at my work, and they all said the one thing I was afraid of. My stories are trying to be too many things, and they aren’t really recognizable as what they’re supposed to be. I think this comes from my editor brain, always making sure I’m thinking about all the things that I’m supposed to do, that I’m losing the creative part of it. It doesn’t help that my internal editor is a very unpleasant woman, who doesn’t have a whole lot of faith in me.

I was inspired by Michelle Rowen’s recent post about Michelle v.2, whose sole purpose is to kick her ass. I need something similar. I want to write. I think about writing. But when it comes right down to it, I just… don’t. Call it fear. Call it damn lazy. Call it whatever. And that doesn’t make sense. If I want it so badly, which I do, I should do it.

So in the spirit of new, I have a new focus. A new Lara if you will. Just write what I think the story is, and don’t get caught up in the other stuff. If it’s meant to be there, it’ll come. Just make sure I’m writing. (And I’d really like to get a new internal editor. Someone who looks like Brendan Fraser would be nice. 🙂 )


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