Write On!

All righty then. I think I’m ready to start sending this name out into the universe. For starters, Michelle Rowen has issued a challenge to her readers to write with her. And I need a kick in the ass. (Of course, I’m not sure if that kick is to stop saying I’ll do stuff without considering how much time it’s all gonna take, ms. three jobs and now this 🙂 )

But I’ve been thinking a lot about all the feedback I’ve gotten in the past little while from a lot of people all saying the same sorta thing about my writing, which is what I’ve suspected all along… that my stories are trying to be too many things. And I’ve been thinking about Dangerous Love, which I started like a hundred years ago… First, it needs a new name. Second, the more I worked on it with the the critique group I used to be part of, the more it changed from what I wanted it to be. Third, I think it work pretty well as a straight erotic romance and I can get rid of all the other stuff that I didn’t really want in there in the first place. I have about sixty pages done, but I’m pretty sure only maybe ten or fifteen are salvageable…

So my (our) goal is to finish the book by August 1st. I like having a goal. I like having people to be accountable to. I might actually do it this time. (hope, hope)



  1. Karmela Said:

    Whoa Pink, your new blog is divine! WordPress does all this? With extra pages and everything? I’m impressed! Makes it so much easier to have a nicer FREE site.

    Have you told us all what your WRITE ON! novel is going to be about?


  2. lararose Said:

    Thanks Karmela!! Yes, it is all free WordPress. I think this template is the nicest of the ones that they let you choose from, but I wish I could play around with it a bit, maybe add some images.

    And I don’t think I’d said what I’m writing. I was torn between a twisted erotic fairy tale based on the Paper Bag Princess and a Dangerous Love which is a short contemporary I’d started years ago… but Michelle said she thought we should be writing a 200-page book, so the fairy tale is out, as it’s too short.

    Dangerous Love, I think, is trying to be too many things, so I’m gonna strip it down and just focus on the romance part. It was inspired by the movie Speed, and explores whether you can have a romance start with a traumatic experience and still make it… 🙂

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