I love when that happens

So, I started this story. I think the first time I started it was probably four or five years ago… I wrote three or four pages and put it down. Then a few months ago, I picked it back up, wrote twenty or thirty pages, took a course on GMC and characterization and realized that my hero didn't have any conflict. Or at least the kind of conflict that I wanted him to have. So I put it down again. (yeah, I do that a lot. Have ya noticed? 🙂 )

This morning, I was reading an article on a new show starting this week on tv that I'd planned on checking out. The premise, according to the author, has been done repeatedly on tv, and, according to an article I read recently with editors from EC, in books as well. Problem is, this premise? Was the main conflict of the book I put down.

 So I thought, well, what if… I reversed it? It gives me a new conflict, and it fits better with the character of my hero (think Logan Echolls from Veronica Mars). Then there's all sorts of other conflict that now arises from it.

I might even make my gay best friend a girl. A lesbian girl. Haven't seen that done as much. Heh.

What's that? August 1st is rapidly approaching and I better make a decision and get my ass in gear?

 Yeah. no kidding.



  1. Eip Said:

    It sounds like it is commming along.

  2. kalbzayn Said:

    Yeah, you better get moving. T-shirts cost less if we can bulk order them.

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