Just… odd.

I picked up a Blaze at the store the other day. I haven't really read a lot of Blazes lately, but this book caught my eye. (and apparently the eye of the cashier, who made me wait in line after I'd paid, while she read the back cover copy (!!!) ) The tag line was chick lit, blaze style! So I thought "cool! combining chick-lit with hot and sexy, exactly the kind of book I want to write. Let's see how this "big name author" handled it.

I read the book last night… and there were just so many things that I found odd about it. First, there were two heroines and two heroes… kind of like the author didn't have enough story for the main h/h and had to fill in another couple to make her word count. Here's a hint… if your subplot characters have more "page time" than your main plot characters, they're not a subplot anymore. Then, there was the fact that for most of the book, the hero of the main plot was obsessed with settling down with the heroine of the subplot.

 And that's the other odd thing.. main hero? a little psycho. First, he takes the subplot heroine house hunting for the home they're going to settle down in on the third date. The third date? Um. rushing things a bit much? Man, I wasn't sure I wanted Mr. Pink to see me naked on the third date (he didn't ๐Ÿ™‚ ), let alone know that he was going to be the guy I'd spend the rest of my life with. (And considering we've passed the four and a half year mark, and he STILL hasn't asked, I guess I'm still not sure *grin*) Then, when main heroine comes back into his life, the big test for her is how she reacts to the house he picked out that subplot heroine loved. Uhhh-huh.

 And, I know Mrs. Giggles has already talked about this, and I was never sure I really bought her whole "Blaze authors think sex is eeeevvill", until I read this book. Main heroine wrote a book that's supposed to empower women. Cool! What a great idea. Changing one's self for a man, just to impress said man, is always a bad idea. Only all the book did was empower her to dress all slutty and ask for sex when she wanted it. And when she should have worn something slightly conservative for a business dinner, she was all everything's going wrong! my man wants to change me and I'm letting him. Have I learned nothing? waaaaah. Seriously, if the question is "what have I done for me lately?" It's not forcing myself into six-inch heels and super tight clothes just because men think it's sexy. (and that completely goes against the whole doing for me, don't it? duh.)

And I know I've blogged about Blazes' light-grey moments (as opposed to the black moment) before, but this book? Forget light-grey…All I could think was, man, you guys are such idiots you deserve each other.


 Apparently chick-lit, blaze style! is taking the worst of both genres and making a book out of it.


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  1. Bonnie Said:

    Thanks for the warning Lara. I too found the “chick lit, Blaze style” tempting, but had resisted due to previous unfulfilling Blaze encounters. Some folks never learn ๐Ÿ™‚

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