TV, why have you forsaken me?

First, this is announced. Noooooooo!!!!

 Then, my stupid Canadian Tivo decides not to tape Desperate Housewives on Sunday night. That's ok. ABC has been promoting all over the place that you can catch up on missed episodes on their website. Woohoo! I'm all over that, until I get this message:

Aaaagggh. so not fair.

AND THEN, good ol' POTUS decides that what he has to say is more important than Sweeps month on tv, bumping all tv shows a good 20 minutes later than they're supposed to be. Only, I record my shows so I can watch them without commercials later. So, I have the first ten minutes of How I Met Your Mother and The New Adventures of Old Christine.

Fortunately, I found repeats of the CBS shows later this week, but I'm sorta screwed on Desperate Housewives. Anyone record it and want to send me a copy? Know where I can find the episode online, and that I can see it without having to travel across the border?

Y'know, a girl could really turn her back on tv for shizznit like this.



  1. nienke Said:

    Sorry, can’t help you with Desperate Housewives. But now you have more time for writing, right?

  2. Bonnie Said:

    I can’t help you either but I feel your pain on both the continuation of the hag-supporting program and the missed episode. ***hugs***

  3. Jenna Howard Said:

    The good news is that everything’s pretty much done for the season. The bad news is you now have reruns to catch up on your viewing.

    I write at my kitchen table. Let’s just say it’s a good thing I live alone (eyes collection of empty pop cans & bottles surrounding laptop)

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