Where do you write?

I need to start writing again. Ok, I also need to finish the gabillion books on my to edit list, and write a pile of blurbs and excerpts, but the ache to write has been really strong lately.

The thing is, my "office" is in disarray. I got it in my head a few months ago to switch the rooms that my office is in. Then, I bought all new furniture. Then, I ripped up the carpet in that room and bought new paint. And it's gonna look really cool. That is, once I get the damn sofa bed outta there. In a moment of foolishness when I first moved in to this place I traded my futon for a sofa bed. Only it doesn't match my decor, and it's too big for my house. And right now, it's the only thing in the room that's going to be my office. And there's not really enough room to put anything else in there. And it won't fit anywhere else. I have it posted on both kijiji and craiglist, and so far, not even a nibble.

So for the time being, until I get that nibble, or just decide to chuck the stupid thing over the balcony, I can't set up my office. And I pretty much work in the living room, but tv is too distracting to write in front of. (It's also too distracting to edit in front of, but I've been pretty good at turning it off. 🙂 )
But I need to shake things up, and get out of the house. I've read on so many people's blogs that they write in coffeeshops and bookstores and places like that… do you really? Do you just plunk yourself down at a table and sit there for hours on end? Do you shlep all your laptop and crap in a bag with you? Are people okay with that? Like, the owners and workers and stuff? And other people? I mean, I've been accosted on the TTC because I rested the four bags I was carrying on the seat beside me when there were empty seats all over the bus… I'd hate to think what would happen if I sat at a table for four or five hours.

 What do you think? Do you do it? Where do you write? What works for you? And pssst… wanna buy a sofa bed?



  1. Deborah Said:

    I write at the public library. In a study carosel (remember those?). In the non-fiction section (specifically – near the WWII part of the non-fiction section, because I do not write historicals – and it’s in the far back corner, where no one goes).

    I’m there every Saturday from about noon till they throw me out of there.

    It works for me. It’s mostly quiet and it smells like books.

    I don’t bring my laptop anymore, I spent too much time downloading songs and books on tape. I either write longhand or, more recently, use my AlphaSmart.

    They also let me bring in my lunch, as long as I’m not making a mess and/or stinking up the place with Curry.

    Good luck! and NO thanks on the SB.



  2. Starbucks.

    On the commute.

    At home–most of the time.

  3. Nienke Said:

    LOL! Don’t need a sofabed, but I do enjoy writing in coffeeshops and outdoor patios. Problem is, I feel obliged to spend money. On the other hand, no one disturbs me and I enjoy the din of people around me. Other than my office, which is also in disarray, but that is the norm, I write a lot in my car on my lunches. In the summer I also like to bring my Alphie and my dog to the beach.
    I guess you can write anywhere, provided you commit yourself to writing.

  4. Kayla Said:

    Usually in my room, or in the kitchen downstairs. On my laptop, but I used to do it long-hand. I’d *love* to write in a coffeeshop, but all the ones around here are pretty loud.

    I agree with Nienke; anywhere could work, as long as we actually concentrate. Compared to, say, staring at the wall for an hour…

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