Give me pink what?

Ok, We’ve already established that I’m a total stats whore. Fine. But every day, someone visits my blog by doing the search “Give me pink Lara” or, to shake it up, “Lara give me pink”. Now. Whatup with that? Is it the same person? Cuz, seriously? You might want to just bookmark the site if you’re going to keep coming back every day. And if it’s not the same person, just a different person every day doing a search for give me pink lara? What they heck does it mean??

 And, while I’m thinking of it, how is it pointing you here? I tend not to advertise a whole heck of a lot my pink identity over here. Just as I haven’t decided if I want to identify Lara over at a certain pink site. (And I’m not going to right now, mostly because of the aforementioned stats whoring… and certain visitors I’d rather not have making the jump) But still, what do you want a Pink Lara to give you?


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