The Weasels are Gonna Get Ya…

Funny, it sounded so much prettier when Gloria Estefan sang it.

 Yesterday was full of revelations. I was more than a little bothered by the negative response to the opening scene of my current WIP… Normally, my response to this kind of feedback is to give up. Pathetic of me, I know, but there you go. I leave it for a while until the call becomes too overwhelming, go back, try again, then find another excuse to quit. It's a giant vicious circle.

But I got to thinking…I'm a self-admitted anal perfectionist control freak. It makes me a darn good editor, but doesn't do too much for my letting myself go and just writing a rough draft. And it's these high expectations, this perfectionist behaviour that demands a publishable quality from my writing at first draft. And it is ridiculous for me to expect that…from anyone… including myself. So what if people had problems with my first draft? Does that mean I can't fix it? Does it mean I can't make it better? No… so what the hell? 

Then I started looking at what I'm writing. The best feedback I've received was for my chick-lit stuff. (Although, I'm still trying to figure out how a poser-wannabe vampire somehow made that a paranormal, but whatever. 🙂 ) So why do I keep pushing myself into writing something that I'm not as strong in? Why not let myself write the way my voice wants to write, in the story my head wants to write? 

Part of that is the market, but part of it is my own self-doubts, my own weasels who tell me I'll never be able to write a world that will completely transport my readers the way my favourites do. But how will I know unless I try?

  So I'm off to find weasel traps. Maybe if I can catch the little suckers and get them the heck outta here, I'll be on a better track.



  1. Paige Said:

    The transistion from editor to writer is NOT an easy one. Then, when you finish something and have to go through edits, you’re like WTF? How in the hell can I edit and not write?

    Two totally different midsets.

    My advice? Write what you know, what feels comfortable, and the other new stuff will fall into place.

    I’ll help with the hunt.

  2. Bonnie Said:

    Found some weasel traps over here, you can borrow ’em until I need them back…in about an hour! Paige is right, go with what feels comfortable. It’ll make the edits a heck of a lot easier!

  3. One of the worst things I ever did with my writing was write wrong. Someone pointed to a romantic comedy cover (one those kvetchy cartoony things) and said “I can see you writing that.” So I did. It was crap. Utter crap. I didn’t write for two years after that. Before that I had used the hotsa motsa stuff as a procrastination tool (duh, Jenna a clue a clue!).

    Granted my production is in the pooper (hence me hiring task masters) but I’m a lot happier writing now than I have been since I started writing romance.

    And I’ve learned – always listen to Paige. If you don’t…she gets pretty damn annoying. (I can say that cuz she’s on holidays)

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