La-No-Wri-Mo Starts Today

I know I’ve been talking about it, but whether it was actually gonna happen was a whole other story. But today is the day I’d planned on starting La-No-Wri-Mo (Lara’s Novel Writing Month). And, today is the day I found a jump drive that had been missing for many months that has the first chapter and some sketched out dialogue bits and a synopsis of Losin’ It, which is the story I’d planned on working on for this La-No-Wri-Mo…. It’s a sign.

Now, Losin’ It has evolved considerably since I first saved it to the elusive jump drive… for one, I’m gonna switch it from third to first person. For two, my hero has gone through some serious character changes. And for three.. I’m determined to actually finish it this time.

So, I think a chick-lit, which is what Losin’ It is about to become, is at least 80K. Don’t know that I’d be able to write 80K in one month, so my target is a rough first draft of about 50K, which works out to 6 pages a day, every day for the next month.

Can I do it? Well, we’ll see. I’m gonna publically humiliate myself here and post my daily totals. Feel free to bitch me out if I’m don’t or I’m not succeeding. Maybe public flogging is exactly what I need. *grin*

Wanna join me? Post your daily totals in here too… If there’s enough of us, maybe I’ll start a yahoogroup or something.

Ok. *deep breath* here goes.



  1. Jenna Howard Said:

    Good luck with your La-No! And Happy Canada Day to boot!

  2. Mike Said:

    I can’t make fun of you if you don’t make it seeing as my attempt failed miserably. But, I will be here to monitor your progress and cheer you on. So get writing.

  3. Bonnie Said:

    Does the last 35K of my Write-Ons WIP count for La-No-Wri-Mo? I need all the inspiration I can get right now. Anything to stop the weasels.

  4. Lara Said:

    No rules, Bonnie… So long as on July 31st, we write “THE END” (and mean it 🙂 ), then we’ve succeeded. No prizes or anything other than the satisfaction of finishing a book. *grin*

  5. Ceridwen Said:

    Hey, I just decided I couldn’t wait until November for a deadline either and declared it my personal Nano, too! Great minds think alike! Saw you on the chick lit group.

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