This is getting to be a theme around here…

Ok, what is up with the Toronto boys on Rockstar? Last year, JD Fortune was all, I’m here to win it, I’m the best, suck it. And ok, he ended up being the best, and he does rock the shizznit out of INXS’s music, but his attitude did not endear him to me in the beginning. And now, this year, Lukas Rossi, another Toronto boy, is all, I’m here to win it, I’m the best, suck it, all starting shit and making enemies with the other contestants.

That’s not how we raise them in these parts. Stop giving us a bad name.



  1. Michelle Said:

    I didn’t watch the show (it interferes with SYTYCD, I believe) but I’m all for Canadian bad boys! Americans all think we’re so “nice.” Ha! Ha! I say. We’re hardcore, baby. Hard. Core. 😉

  2. Garnigal Said:

    I didn’t like Lucas. As D said, he’s “technically” good. But he’s really annoying.

    I didn’t watch the elimination episode. I agree that Matt wasn’t great, but I’d far sooner have seen Phil go. He was terrible!

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