About Me

I learned to read when I was four, and I’ve been a bookworm ever since… fantasy, romance, mystery, it didn’t matter, I’ll even read the back of a cereal box!

It actually took a book to show me that I could make a career in publishing. I don’t know why I never put the two together, but the idea that I could read books for a living… and get paid for it… was like a sign from above. I’ve been working as an editor for almost ten years, working on projects from romance novels to legal texts (and making sure the two never crossed!).

The more I read, though, the more I realized that I also wanted to create books. To bring the voices in my head to the page. So I started writing. And now here I am.

I am a technical editor for a telecommunications company, an editor for Whiskey Creek Press Torrid, and a copywriter for Liquid Silver Books. And somewhere in there, I write for me.

Welcome to my world. Come explore with me.


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