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Some of the Write-Ons had a word war this morning. I've never done something like that before. It was fun, tho I kept wanting to stop and chat about what was bugging me (and did, sorry 🙂 ).

So, in the spirit of sharing cool, new things, I thought I'd let y'all in on some cool things I've found.

Remember the Milk – I'm a huge list maker. I have lists on scraps of paper all over my house. Then I started using the task list in my work outlook, but since I don't like to access the work server when I'm doing personal stuff, I can't access that list unless I'm "at work." Then I stumbled across this site. You can make a list, set deadlines, arrange your lists by category and it'll even send you a weekly reminder of your deadlines. (And I only freaked out a little at the reminder that came last night telling me I have seven days to do my taxes, finish two assignments for my HTML class, start and finish the website, which is my final project, and do third and subsequent edits on three books. yikes.)

Skinful Scentsations – When I was in Saint John, NB, there was a small booth of all natural beauty products. I love makeup and stuff like that, so of course, I had to check them out. I bought the Whipped Shea Butter (try the peppermint tea tree oil one, it leaves your toes all tingly and soft) and the lip balm, which comes in all sorts of yummy flavours and smells, and leaves your lips soft, not greasy, and lasts for hours. You can order from their booth, or off their website.

Method – I bought their all-purpose cleaner at Target when I was in Buffalo last month, but apparently you can buy their stuff in Shopper's Drug Mart here in Canada too. (just not at the ones out here in the 'burbs 🙂 ) I found that the heavy duty cleansers triggered my asthma and set off my smoke detector, making me more than a little afraid of what kinda wierd shit they have in there, but the Method products are all natural and leave a very yummy smell that lasts for hours (and they still clean your stuff).

Baci Ice Cream – Best. Ice Cream. Ever. 'nuff said 🙂

Any cool things you've come across that you want to share?