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Sometimes you gotta think things through

So it was pointed out by several people that I’ve been very bad at posting to this blog (and we’ll completely pretend I don’t have another blog where I never remember to post)…. So I’m trying to improve that.

I live in a townhouse development, and, I’ll be honest, not one of your more upscale ones. For some reason  I have never figured out, our condo corporation has chosen to hire a property management company. Which is fine. In fact, I think that’s a great idea. Only, the company that we are currently with… Sucks. A lot. I’ve called with an emergency, and was told I had to wait until business hours (er, 11 a.m. when our contact rolled into work) to get a response. That did a lot of the leak in my roof in the middle of a rainstorm, let me tell you. I’ve been yelled at by our contact, and by the receptionist when she screwed up and I tried to explain what I needed. And I’ve had to mediate between the company and a utility company, because our contact didn’t seem to want to do his job.

But the latest incident in my ongoing saga has to be my favourite. We have a central area for garbage and recycling. Which is handy, because I don’t have to wait for a specific day to take out my trash. But, let’s face it… it’s our garbage. It looks…like garbage. And, in the summer of spring cleaning and garage sales, people have a lot of old furniture and other assorted crap that they throw out. And they’re throwing it on the lawn of our garbage area.

Someone got the great idea to hide this garbage area with a fence. Which, sure, it hides the garbage, and makes our development look less… trashy. (Hmm. here’s a thought. maybe the garbage area shouldn’t be at the entrance to our development. Just saying.)

But, this fence keeps the garbagemen from actually GETTING to the trash. So, the same broken appliances and furniture have been sitting there for a month waiting to be picked up. And, hell, if I were a garbagegirl, I wouldn’t want to climb a fence (albeit a three-foot tall one) just to do my job. It’s hard enough as it is, without adding fence climbing to the mix.

I stand on my balcony and laugh every Thursday when the garbage collection comes and goes, and yet, our garbage remains.

Someone tell me again why we pay this company to work for us?


Where do you write?

I need to start writing again. Ok, I also need to finish the gabillion books on my to edit list, and write a pile of blurbs and excerpts, but the ache to write has been really strong lately.

The thing is, my "office" is in disarray. I got it in my head a few months ago to switch the rooms that my office is in. Then, I bought all new furniture. Then, I ripped up the carpet in that room and bought new paint. And it's gonna look really cool. That is, once I get the damn sofa bed outta there. In a moment of foolishness when I first moved in to this place I traded my futon for a sofa bed. Only it doesn't match my decor, and it's too big for my house. And right now, it's the only thing in the room that's going to be my office. And there's not really enough room to put anything else in there. And it won't fit anywhere else. I have it posted on both kijiji and craiglist, and so far, not even a nibble.

So for the time being, until I get that nibble, or just decide to chuck the stupid thing over the balcony, I can't set up my office. And I pretty much work in the living room, but tv is too distracting to write in front of. (It's also too distracting to edit in front of, but I've been pretty good at turning it off. 🙂 )
But I need to shake things up, and get out of the house. I've read on so many people's blogs that they write in coffeeshops and bookstores and places like that… do you really? Do you just plunk yourself down at a table and sit there for hours on end? Do you shlep all your laptop and crap in a bag with you? Are people okay with that? Like, the owners and workers and stuff? And other people? I mean, I've been accosted on the TTC because I rested the four bags I was carrying on the seat beside me when there were empty seats all over the bus… I'd hate to think what would happen if I sat at a table for four or five hours.

 What do you think? Do you do it? Where do you write? What works for you? And pssst… wanna buy a sofa bed?

Somethings cool

Some of the Write-Ons had a word war this morning. I've never done something like that before. It was fun, tho I kept wanting to stop and chat about what was bugging me (and did, sorry 🙂 ).

So, in the spirit of sharing cool, new things, I thought I'd let y'all in on some cool things I've found.

Remember the Milk – I'm a huge list maker. I have lists on scraps of paper all over my house. Then I started using the task list in my work outlook, but since I don't like to access the work server when I'm doing personal stuff, I can't access that list unless I'm "at work." Then I stumbled across this site. You can make a list, set deadlines, arrange your lists by category and it'll even send you a weekly reminder of your deadlines. (And I only freaked out a little at the reminder that came last night telling me I have seven days to do my taxes, finish two assignments for my HTML class, start and finish the website, which is my final project, and do third and subsequent edits on three books. yikes.)

Skinful Scentsations – When I was in Saint John, NB, there was a small booth of all natural beauty products. I love makeup and stuff like that, so of course, I had to check them out. I bought the Whipped Shea Butter (try the peppermint tea tree oil one, it leaves your toes all tingly and soft) and the lip balm, which comes in all sorts of yummy flavours and smells, and leaves your lips soft, not greasy, and lasts for hours. You can order from their booth, or off their website.

Method – I bought their all-purpose cleaner at Target when I was in Buffalo last month, but apparently you can buy their stuff in Shopper's Drug Mart here in Canada too. (just not at the ones out here in the 'burbs 🙂 ) I found that the heavy duty cleansers triggered my asthma and set off my smoke detector, making me more than a little afraid of what kinda wierd shit they have in there, but the Method products are all natural and leave a very yummy smell that lasts for hours (and they still clean your stuff).

Baci Ice Cream – Best. Ice Cream. Ever. 'nuff said 🙂

Any cool things you've come across that you want to share?

Hosting dilemmas

So, I created this blog here on the free host because I like some of the features it offers – the extra pages, the categories, stuff like that. My other blog is on blogspot, which doesn’t have the cool features like this, but does let me play with the HTML code for the page, and make it look like I want it to. As well, the wordpress server has been down already five or six times in the past three days. So, I don’t know which to use… the cool features of the new or the reliability of the old.

Or I could just get off my ass and finally get myself my own domain and website and none of this would be a problem.

I feel like crap

Head swimming, throat aching, nose running, eyes blurring crap.

I hate being sick. I have a million things to do (like the edits on the six books waiting for my attention or even working on my own writing, or you know, cleaning my house) but no, I’m sitting here, my brain in a fog, watching bad Saturday morning tv. *sigh* And not even Patrick Swayze telling Lennie Briscoe that “Nobody puts Baby in a corner” is keeping my interest for longer than about a minute.
I may try to work on the current book I’m editing (which, fortunately is really good and doesn’t need a lot of work), and hope that my snot-addled head doesn’t completely mess it up.