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This is getting to be a theme around here…

Ok, what is up with the Toronto boys on Rockstar? Last year, JD Fortune was all, I’m here to win it, I’m the best, suck it. And ok, he ended up being the best, and he does rock the shizznit out of INXS’s music, but his attitude did not endear him to me in the beginning. And now, this year, Lukas Rossi, another Toronto boy, is all, I’m here to win it, I’m the best, suck it, all starting shit and making enemies with the other contestants.

That’s not how we raise them in these parts. Stop giving us a bad name.


Sometimes you gotta think things through

So it was pointed out by several people that I’ve been very bad at posting to this blog (and we’ll completely pretend I don’t have another blog where I never remember to post)…. So I’m trying to improve that.

I live in a townhouse development, and, I’ll be honest, not one of your more upscale ones. For some reason  I have never figured out, our condo corporation has chosen to hire a property management company. Which is fine. In fact, I think that’s a great idea. Only, the company that we are currently with… Sucks. A lot. I’ve called with an emergency, and was told I had to wait until business hours (er, 11 a.m. when our contact rolled into work) to get a response. That did a lot of the leak in my roof in the middle of a rainstorm, let me tell you. I’ve been yelled at by our contact, and by the receptionist when she screwed up and I tried to explain what I needed. And I’ve had to mediate between the company and a utility company, because our contact didn’t seem to want to do his job.

But the latest incident in my ongoing saga has to be my favourite. We have a central area for garbage and recycling. Which is handy, because I don’t have to wait for a specific day to take out my trash. But, let’s face it… it’s our garbage. It looks…like garbage. And, in the summer of spring cleaning and garage sales, people have a lot of old furniture and other assorted crap that they throw out. And they’re throwing it on the lawn of our garbage area.

Someone got the great idea to hide this garbage area with a fence. Which, sure, it hides the garbage, and makes our development look less… trashy. (Hmm. here’s a thought. maybe the garbage area shouldn’t be at the entrance to our development. Just saying.)

But, this fence keeps the garbagemen from actually GETTING to the trash. So, the same broken appliances and furniture have been sitting there for a month waiting to be picked up. And, hell, if I were a garbagegirl, I wouldn’t want to climb a fence (albeit a three-foot tall one) just to do my job. It’s hard enough as it is, without adding fence climbing to the mix.

I stand on my balcony and laugh every Thursday when the garbage collection comes and goes, and yet, our garbage remains.

Someone tell me again why we pay this company to work for us?

TV, why have you forsaken me?

First, this is announced. Noooooooo!!!!

 Then, my stupid Canadian Tivo decides not to tape Desperate Housewives on Sunday night. That's ok. ABC has been promoting all over the place that you can catch up on missed episodes on their website. Woohoo! I'm all over that, until I get this message:

Aaaagggh. so not fair.

AND THEN, good ol' POTUS decides that what he has to say is more important than Sweeps month on tv, bumping all tv shows a good 20 minutes later than they're supposed to be. Only, I record my shows so I can watch them without commercials later. So, I have the first ten minutes of How I Met Your Mother and The New Adventures of Old Christine.

Fortunately, I found repeats of the CBS shows later this week, but I'm sorta screwed on Desperate Housewives. Anyone record it and want to send me a copy? Know where I can find the episode online, and that I can see it without having to travel across the border?

Y'know, a girl could really turn her back on tv for shizznit like this.

Clap if you believe in the exposition fairy

Just about every writing how-to will tell you to show, don't tell. I tell this to the authors I edit all the time, and I work at putting "show" into my own writing.  

So, why is it, in the most show-ing medium, television, it's okay to tell?

I watch 7th Heaven. I have no idea why, because, really, I think it's the most soul-sucking, stupidly ridiculous show on tv. Last night was the series finale. After ten long years, we said good-bye to the Camdens in what had to be one of the worst episodes ever.

This entire season has been dedicated to whether Simon and Rose are going to get married, even though they're way young, and Rose is an psycho hag-beast. I mean, every. single. episode. has been, will they? won't they? why won't Simon see that Rose is a psycho hag-beast? Hell, at this point, I would have married Simon just to get them to shut the hell up about it.

So the big finale episode, the one where past siblings came back (Barry Watson, who overcame Hodgkins disease and escaped to his own show on ABC; and Jessica Biel, who posed in her undies on a magazine cover and got a  movie career), was devoted to random fantasies about how the wedding will be stopped, keeping Simon and Psycho Hag-Beast from getting married. Oh, and a rather cruel portrayal of JB's character. Man they're some pissed that she actually made something of herself, eh?

And then, we go to commercial thinking that in the last ten minutes we'll actually get to see the wedding and if and how it's stopped, and instead… we come back and the wedding's over.

And the characters tell us what happened before the wedding.

And then there's this odd reveal that three of the seven siblings are pregnant with twins and we're left with a cliffhanger.  


Couldn't they have shown us how it ended, after having kept us in suspense for nine fricken months? And instead of a boring old well, we talked before we went into the church, and decided not to do this, how about a loud "I object!" at just the right time? That would have been interesting enough to keep viewers' interest.  

And this isn't the first time this show has done this. Every time there's a big event in a Camden's life, it happens off-screen and then the characters talk about it ad nauseum. 

 I don't know about you, but I'd so much rather see it happen, right there on the screen, where you CAN show it to me, then listen to people blab about it later.

Oh and a cliff hanger? For a show that will never have another episode? And has already been decided won't be getting a spin-off? Yeah, bad form. 


Just… odd.

I picked up a Blaze at the store the other day. I haven't really read a lot of Blazes lately, but this book caught my eye. (and apparently the eye of the cashier, who made me wait in line after I'd paid, while she read the back cover copy (!!!) ) The tag line was chick lit, blaze style! So I thought "cool! combining chick-lit with hot and sexy, exactly the kind of book I want to write. Let's see how this "big name author" handled it.

I read the book last night… and there were just so many things that I found odd about it. First, there were two heroines and two heroes… kind of like the author didn't have enough story for the main h/h and had to fill in another couple to make her word count. Here's a hint… if your subplot characters have more "page time" than your main plot characters, they're not a subplot anymore. Then, there was the fact that for most of the book, the hero of the main plot was obsessed with settling down with the heroine of the subplot.

 And that's the other odd thing.. main hero? a little psycho. First, he takes the subplot heroine house hunting for the home they're going to settle down in on the third date. The third date? Um. rushing things a bit much? Man, I wasn't sure I wanted Mr. Pink to see me naked on the third date (he didn't 🙂 ), let alone know that he was going to be the guy I'd spend the rest of my life with. (And considering we've passed the four and a half year mark, and he STILL hasn't asked, I guess I'm still not sure *grin*) Then, when main heroine comes back into his life, the big test for her is how she reacts to the house he picked out that subplot heroine loved. Uhhh-huh.

 And, I know Mrs. Giggles has already talked about this, and I was never sure I really bought her whole "Blaze authors think sex is eeeevvill", until I read this book. Main heroine wrote a book that's supposed to empower women. Cool! What a great idea. Changing one's self for a man, just to impress said man, is always a bad idea. Only all the book did was empower her to dress all slutty and ask for sex when she wanted it. And when she should have worn something slightly conservative for a business dinner, she was all everything's going wrong! my man wants to change me and I'm letting him. Have I learned nothing? waaaaah. Seriously, if the question is "what have I done for me lately?" It's not forcing myself into six-inch heels and super tight clothes just because men think it's sexy. (and that completely goes against the whole doing for me, don't it? duh.)

And I know I've blogged about Blazes' light-grey moments (as opposed to the black moment) before, but this book? Forget light-grey…All I could think was, man, you guys are such idiots you deserve each other.


 Apparently chick-lit, blaze style! is taking the worst of both genres and making a book out of it.