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Angels all full of attitude

I’m generally a fast reader… tho it really depends on the book. Some books, I am just not that impressed with, so I read fairly quickly to find out how it ends and be out of that author’s world. Others, and my favourite kind, are the ones where the author has basically picked me up by the collar, yanked me into her book and held me captive for as long as I live there. And much though I’d like to stay and settle in and get comfy, I find it hard to linger, and speed to the end because I. Must. Know. What. Happens. These are usually the books that hang out on my bookshelf until I’ve forgotten enough that I can revisit the world and settle in again. 🙂

Michelle Rowen’s Angel with Attitude was definitely the second kind of book. I’d show you a pretty picture of the cover, but I can’t figure out how to post pictures in here, so go to Michelle’s website and look at it there…

Michelle sent me a sneak preview of the book, and within hours, I had it read from cover to cover….er, well, pretend there were covers, since it was an electronic version. *grin* And then I got the inevitable disappointment that I couldn’t stay and live with Valerie and Nathaniel a while longer… and Lloyd. I loved Lloyd.

I don’t want to give too much away, but think fallen angels, tempter demons, talking rats and vengeful witches… and Niagara Falls… the Canadian side. 🙂  What I liked most is Michelle does something that I’m finding very few paranormal writers can do well… write funny at the same time. Because there’s always lots of funny in blood-sucking vampires and descents into Hell. No, really. 🙂  (Tho, is it odd that the ones who are good at that all seem to be from Southern Ontario? Must be something in our water.)

And, I’m happy to say that all of the Toyota Echos made it safely home this time.  I’m glad. Cuz my Toyota Echo was a little worried.

Really, tho, if you’re looking for this summer’s hot read, go pick up Angel with Attitude. I mean it. Go now.